The Bastille Market has a new date and will take over the gardens of St Paul’s College in Manly. If you’re a fan of crêpes, croque monsieur or scrumptious pastries, then it’s definitely worth a visit!

The land of croissants and cheese is taking over Manly. Market founder, Solveig Coulon-Legay originally launched the biannual market in 2018 in Willoughby to provide Francophiles, Francophones, and the local community with a taste of all things Français. 

“Growing up in the south of France, my family used to take me to all sorts of markets…,” she says. “I wanted to share the atmosphere, the good food and unique products you can find in a traditional French market, with Australians and Francophiles.”

With the old venue in Willoughby currently closed for renovations it was time to find a new home for the French market. Picturesque St Pauls at Manly was the perfect venue.

The Bastille Market will offer the largest selection of authentic French food in New South Wales with the friendly atmosphere of a French country market. Solveig handpicked over 45 pop-up stalls for the upcoming event, including 20+ gourmet food and wine stallholders, unique artisans, and live singers.

“Our vendors are passionate chefs, foodies and artisans,” she says. “They love to connect and share their passion with the customers, telling them the story behind the business. We are aiming to create a real connection with our customers and take them on a journey to France.”

In the food line-up, you’ll find saucisson, duck confit, cassoulet, rillettes, olives, provencales, crepes, cheese, wines, eclairs, chouquettes, madeleines and even a small French supermarket. The artisan section will feature French linen, homewares, clothing, berets, handmade jewellery, vintage French posters, market baskets and more.

Solveig says that the “European feel” of the gardens and old buildings at St Paul’s College makes it the perfect fit for Bastille Market. Plus, there are magnificent ocean views to enjoy as your munch into a pain au chocolat.

“Come with the kids, your family, friends and even your dog,” Solveig encourages. “There is something for everybody and we also have gluten-free options.”


When: Sept 3 
Where: St Paul’s College, Manly 


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