Isabella Lombardo is the new Ambassador for Beach2Beach Charity Fun Run and Festival! 

Isabella Lombardo has been named an ambassador for the Beach2Beach Charity Fun Run and Festival, bringing her incredible story of resilience and determination to the forefront of this inspiring event.

Born with Cerebral Palsy, Isabella faced a daunting prognosis: she was initially told she would never walk or run and would be confined to a wheelchair for life. However, as Isabella’s condition worsened with age, her family sought additional treatments that would change her life forever.

They travelled to the United States for a groundbreaking surgery that remarkably improved Isabella’s condition, alleviating much of her pain and enabling her to stand, take steps, and even run with the assistance of a walking frame. Additionally, visits to Mexico for Bone Marrow stem cell treatments further enhanced Isabella’s quality of life.

Supported by Rotary, who recognised her potential for further improvement, Isabella’s condition steadily progressed. Today, she is participating in the Beach2Beach 3km event, demonstrating her unwavering determination and positive attitude. Isabella‚Äôs journey has made her a beacon of inspiration for many.

Her story has resonated globally, capturing media attention, including coverage by 60 Minutes, which documented her transformative journeys to the United States and Mexico. As an ambassador, Isabella represents a trailblazer for other children facing similar challenges. Her journey has also driven advancements in medical care in Australia, making the life-changing surgery she underwent more accessible to others.

Isabella embodies unimaginable triumph, defying the odds and spreading hope wherever she goes. Her role as an ambassador for the Beach to Beach Charity Fun Run and Festival underscores her commitment to inspiring others and advocating for improved medical treatments.

Beach2Beach Charity Fun Run and Festival 

Event date: 25th August

Where: Dee Why to Newport Beach.

14km, 6km and 3km options.

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