Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Frank and Raja Devine from Devine Rug Care have been in the carpet & rug cleaning industry for over 40 years and in this time, they’ve created a reputation within the Greater Sydney Area as the ‘go-to’ rug cleaning specialists. They truly care for rugs and pride themselves on their fibre origin and treatment knowledge, allowing them to provide the best possible cleaning, treatment, and protection with every job. Frank and Raja have built a team around them who are as passionate as they are, and together, they’re ready to help you with your rug care needs. Devine Rug Care are experts when it comes to removing pet urine, red wine, and stains, alongside providing rug fibre protection and fixing water damage.

Raja Devine also provides leather cleaning & restoration services. She is one of the ‘original masters’ of Australian leather cleaning, and quickly became known throughout Sydney for the masterful restoration work she was capable of. Key to this success was her ability to accurately create colours from scratch which faithfully matched the existing leather, known as tinting.

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