Weight Loss

Nicky Hammond is a mindset weight loss coach. She works with women who feel out of control around food and have tried every diet. She teaches an alternative to emotional eating that actually works (and a kinder way to lose weight permanently). She works one on one to support women. Nicky guides her clients through their weight loss journey and empowers them with life long tools to live a healthy life in a body they love. Nicky especially loves working with fellow moms, helping them to create a mindset to lose weight and kick arse in daily life.

Nicky spent years over achieving and in search of happiness. Coaching helped her overcome a chocolate addiction, work on her own mental health and perfectionism. Nicky is now living her dream life. She lives a perfectly imperfect life with her husband, 2 children and crazy dog in the Northern Beaches of Sydney. She is a Coach Instructor at the Life Coach School, teaching the tools of life and weight loss coaching to students. She is passionate about working one on one with women and empowering them to be healthier, happier and more confident.

If you are committed to creating weight loss in your own life and you are interested to learn how to work with Nicky, book in for a one on one Power Session with her or contact her via email nicky@nickyhammond.com

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