Computers & Technology

Norm Dart, founder and owner of Macs As New, started the company with three basic philosophies in mind:

  • Sell the right product to meet the customer’s needs
  • Don’t hard sell
  • Support the product and ensure the customers are satisfied long after they have purchased

These are values that Macs As New still stands by today. The majority of Macs As New sales, come from referrals and repeat business, meaning after 19 years in operation Norm lives and breathes these three principles every day. This has in turn enabled Macs As New to be one of Australia’s most reputable second hand dealers of Apple products. Norm has been around Apple hardware for over 30 years and was a director of Victoria’s largest authorised Apple reseller of its time, Computer Knowledge. Norm headed up service there, with his background as an electrician he soon became intrigued with how computers operated – and as he says, he wasn’t afraid to ask the “dumb questions”. Fast forward to today – Norm has brought this wealth of experience to Macs As New. With it he has the ability to offer concise solutions to any enquiry from prospective clients, whether they be first time or long term users. He will help you make the right decision on hardware based on your requirements. If you are a first time user, Norm will help guide you through the set-up steps and basic functionality. For return users he can assist with data migration to new hardware should that be required. As Norm can attest to, “no question is a dumb question” and Macs As New is more than happy to help.

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