Pet Training

Here at Pets That Wow, we run FUNtastic Dog training, where you and your pet can discover the world, have fun and learn in a safe environment.

At Pets that Wow, we focus on Positive Reinforcement, No harm, Fear Free and Gamification – training with us is FUN! Pets that Wow will help you to understand your dog’s behaviour and address unwanted behaviours. Our class is unique. You will receive videos, sms reminders, group class information and a lot of tools to create the best relationship between you and your beloved dog.

Learn how to communicate with your pet: Learn body signals, learn to read your pet’s body language and reinforce the desired behaviour using positive reinforcement. Gain your dog’s attention: engage your dog with you, build bonding, teach polite manners, provide mental stimulation to your pet and avoid pulling, jumping, barking, chewing, learn how to use enrichments, disengagement from stimulus: learn games to fill your pet’s emotional cup, obedience and how to socialise your pet.

Classes are on Saturday 2pm at Lindfield or if group classes are not for you contact me for private consultations.

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