Writing Services

At Share your life story we believe a memoir is a tremendous legacy you can leave your loved ones and generations to come. Your memories are precious. Writing a memoir is about remembering—it’s about preserving and sharing your life journey—holding onto the ordinary moments, and occasionally the extraordinary ones. Everyone has a story to tell and your family wants to learn about the experiences that have shaped your life and made you the person they love so much. If you capture your stories now, you’ll create a treasure for you and your kids, your friends and future generations. Or give a gift voucher to a loved one so they can have their memoir written by us.

We can get started with a free no-obligation consultation about your wishes for a life story or memoir. If you decide to proceed, we’ll give you a questionnaire to fill out to jog your memory. Then we’ll do one or more interviews, depending on the package you choose, until we’ve captured your story. We’ll do the writing and all you have to do is proofread it.

At Share your life story we’re passionate about helping you pass your story on to your family, so get in touch today to learn how you can ensure your memories live on forever.

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