Too tired to clean? Too many other things to do? Or just want someone else to do it for a change? That’s where Brilho Cleaning comes in.

Our customers are so happy with our work that they secretly pass our details on to their closest friends and family. They want to help their friends out but they don’t want too many people to know about us in case we get too busy! It’s ok, your secret is safe with us.

We are proud to say that our cleaners are employees (not contractors) and we want you to feel like you’ve walked into a boutique hotel when you return home after we’ve cleaned.

Our services range from regular to end of lease cleans, from homes to office & retail spaces, from general cleans to deep cleaning and organising of your pantry or laundry. Speaking of laundry, we can do your washing and ironing as part of a regular service.

Please contact the team for further details or to organise a quote.

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