If you love a good laugh, we’ve got great news! Canned Laughter is a new comedy and craft beer night moving around to different locations in the local area…

What is Lewis Holt’s favourite joke?.. “I’ve got a sponge door. Don’t knock it!” he responds without missing a beat. Lewis is a hospitality veteran who loves good comedy, and he’s determined to get locals laughing with Canned Laughter – Craft Beer and Comedy Nights.

“I’ve been working in the Sydney hospitality industry for the past 12 years,” he says. “I currently run a restaurant in Freshwater and was the venue manager at Long Reef Golf Club. My wife Hannah is a nurse at the Northern Beaches Hospital. We just bought a little place in Dee Why after falling in love with the Beaches. We feel very much a part of the local community here.”

Lewis and Hannah Holt

Lewis also has two other loves in life – craft beer and comedy. But he says the Sydney comedy scene isn’t really thriving as it should be. “When my friend and I were starting out [in comedy] we had to travel all the way to Newtown on a Monday and Tuesday night to get stage time at an open mic night. And it was grim. The crowd would be made up of comics who were just as nervous as you. A lot of them had heard your jokes before and were generally disinterested.”

Meanwhile, it became more and more apparent that Beaches’ people have a great sense of humour, and might appreciate not having to go far for a laugh. “I discovered that there were a lot of Northern Beaches people who wanted to see comedy but didn’t want to travel to see it  – especially mid-week,” he recalls. “So we put our 1st comedy night on at Avalon Bowling Club. It was so well received that we realised we could turn our passion into a business.”

Currently Canned Laughter has one show scheduled a week and moves around venues. Participating venues include 4 Pines Manly and Newport, Freshwater Brewing Co and Avalon Bowling Club.

“We have a mix of up-and-coming comedians, local acts and professionals,” says Lewis. “So it’s a lovely community event with a guarantee of laughter!”

If you know your comedy you’ll be impressed with the pending line-up. “We have Chris Ryan, Christian Elderfield, Dan Muggleton, Freddie Mcmanus and Jasper Jones coming up,” says Lewis. ”All wonderful comedians for just $20 a ticket.” And when you’re coming in the door please be super nice to the lady taking the money – that’s Lewis’ wife Hannah who’s probably just done a very long shift at Northern Beaches Hospital!

Lewis is determined to not just make us all laugh, but to nurture any Beaches’ comedic talent as well. “If you are interested in giving comedy a go please get in touch,” he says. “I’m really trying to boost comedy in the area so I’m happy to talk to anyone who has a passion for it. Also if your local venue is looking to boost revenue over winter and you are interested in hosting a Canned Laughter Comedy Night –  contact me! lewis@cannedlaughter.com.au


Canned Laughter – Craft Beer & Comedy Nights

Website: www.cannedlaughter.com

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