Two local dads have found a way to make coffee cover the costs for the education of disadvantaged kids!

Northern Beaches locals Roland and Liam really enjoy their daily cuppa. In fact, they like their coffee so much that one day they decided to set up a business-for-good selling the specialty coffee of their favourite local roaster with the purpose to use the profits for a good cause. eviG, which is ”give” backwards (or ”give back”), now supplies to offices, cafes and to the general public.

Liam and Roland run the business on the side, for free, and to support disadvantaged kids to have an education. With young kids of their own, they passionately believe that education is the key to a better future – not just for the kids themselves, but for the world as a whole.

“There are too many kids out there that do not have these opportunities like our kids do,” says Roland, father of 9-year old Jackie, “and we felt we could make a real dent in the universe by setting up a business where people can buy good quality products for good prices with the added satisfaction of giving back to those less fortunate than us.”

eviG offers a choice of high-quality, award-winning coffee blends sourced from a highly respected Sydney coffee roasting business, with guaranteed supply and at competitive prices. With the founders volunteering their time, eviG is an ultra-low-cost operation where every dollar helps to give a leg-up to as many kids as possible.

“We support kids anywhere in the world. We work with Australian registered charitable organisations to support projects helping children and young people in Australia and abroad to have and get the most out of their education so they can create a better future for themselves. So everyone can start making a difference and Give… Back, simply by having great coffee.”

Beans, ground coffee or pods – it’s all there for home users, offices and even restaurants and cafes through Liam and Roland’s partnership with one of the most respected local roasters in the industry. Good coffee. Good pricing. Good cause… how good is that!

You can become a supporter of this great cause simply by having great coffee. Buy on-line, or contact eviG to explore the possibilities.

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