Northern Beaches Council is urging the community to be more vigilant after a log in a Greens Bin caused a dangerous situation and large-scale damage to a truck.

Did you know the vegetation and wood waste in your green bin ends up as landscaping, agricultural and garden supplies across NSW? All the leaves, small branches and grass cuttings from our gardens—which we have an abundance of on the Northern Beaches—are collected and processed into nutrient-rich garden products.

But (and it’s a big but), this recycling depends on one thing; the right green waste must go in the green bin in the first place. When someone places incorrect items in the bin, it can become significant safety issue, pollute the rest of what the bin is carrying, and seriously impact our collection service.

Recently a log was placed in a green bin, which damaged a truck and resulted in the truck being out of service for repairs for 24 hours, impacting on bin collection service. It was also dangerous for the workers, who had to use chainsaws in a confined space to remove the log.

It’s not the first time the wrong item has been placed in a green bin either. Batteries are one of the worst and have resulted in significant fires that have required Fire and Rescue to attend and extinguish.

Although these situations are not intentional, they are avoidable.

green bin
Image: Northern Beaches Council

Northern Beaches Council urges residents to please never put these items your green bin:

  • tree stumps
  • logs
  • soil
  • bricks
  • hazardous items

You can take excess vegetation and large logs to Kimbriki, free of charge, or pay a fee for other items (Kimbriki fees and charges)

You can learn more about the Northern Beaches Council area bin system here – and keep the Northern Beaches beautiful, our workers safe and ensure green waste can be recycled efficiently.



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