devolver is a reusable container system for takeaway food and drink that can stop thousands of single-use containers from ending up in landfill each year – and the idea was born right here on the Northern Beaches.

NSW generates 800,000 tonnes of plastic every year, with only 10 per cent being recycled. Now, two local mums, Mary and Allison, have teamed up to fight the war on waste and are set to launch a reusable container system for takeaway. It’s called devolver.

“We started devolver out of concern for our children’s future and the future of our planet,” Mary explains. “We wanted to contribute towards a more sustainable way of living, offer an alternative to single-use and help bring on the advent of reusables. The takeaway space seemed like a good place to start.”

The pair came up with the idea for devolver at a children’s playdate and left behind their careers in real estate and piloting to start the company in September last year. 

“Our children are starting to learn about environmental issues and they are asking questions,” Mary says. “We couldn’t sit back and do nothing when their futures are at stake. We want to do everything we can for our kids and future generations to have a liveable planet.”

Mary and Allison have been busy these past few months designing a digital system whereby consumers can borrow reusable containers when they order takeaway from a participating business and return them at a later point. Each container has an individual QR code, which is linked to devolver’s mobile app. This allows users to reduce their environmental footprint whilst keeping track of the progress and receive reminders to return the container within 14 days so that it can always be kept in the network.

The mobile app will launch at the end of May with a trial at The Pocket in Freshwater.

“Next time you order a takeaway meal, think about the environment and how you can make a difference,” Mary encourages. “There now is an easier than ever alternative to single-use takeaway containers and we hope you will embrace it. Together we can shift from a throwaway culture to a circular and sustainable society.”




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