Forget about applying for a job with a resume. Instead, let your personality speak for you through a newly launched app that cuts right through the outdated processes of hiring.

Back in the day, resumes used to be the quickest way to get your foot through the door. Now, they get lost among hundreds, if not thousands, of similar applications from candidates vying for the same job. This is why Zapid Hire, the only app in Australia connecting Gen Z and young millennials to the best food service, retail and hospitality jobs, is beckoning a new outlook on the hiring process.

Zapid Hire

In 2020, with the pandemic sweeping Aussie shores, co-founders Andrew Dewez and Dr Sam Prince began building what they wanted to be the world’s fastest hiring experience. Their motto since launch three months ago has been for people to “get hired twice as quick by letting your personality shine”.

‘Think of Zapid Hire as Instagram stories or Snapchat for jobs’

This is especially true for customer-facing roles where your attitude is one of your biggest selling points. Considering hiring managers spend as little as six seconds skimming through a resume, there’s little to no chance for your personality to stand out with just a few words.

This is where Zapid Hire’s innovative concept comes into play.

“You can think of Zapid Hire as Instagram Stories or Snapchat for jobs,” Dewez explained.

“All you need to do is create short and fun personality-driven videos that will resemble a verbal CV without the boring and standardised jargon.”

The co-founders’ idea falls in line with how Gen Z culture has changed. According to a report by McCrindle Research, 72% of young people prefer video communication over text. They also take on average 10 minutes of selfie videos every day.

How does the app support quick hiring?

Zapid Hire allows candidates to apply for any of the jobs available on the app through their video profile. It cuts out all that time — “10 plus hours for one role” — HR professionals spend on phone screening.

The average time for a candidate to hear back about their application is three days, with most getting an interview within a week.

“The instant messaging feature within Zapid Hire also saves roughly six hours per hire as it gets you from intro to interview in half the time,” Dewez said. “Because it is so much faster, the no-show rate for in-person interviews is close to zero.”

But the screening and evaluation is a two-way street. It’s just as important for potential candidates to choose the right employer for them. This is why the app also allows hiring managers or venues to post videos of their job ads so applicants can get a better understanding of a company’s culture.

“COVID-19 has not only changed the way we work, it’s also brought about the need for restructuring and rehiring quickly,” Dewez explained.

“Current tools are far too slow. On average it still takes 28 days to hire someone in the hospo and retail industry. Zapid takes 12 days on average.”

Since the app’s launch, job applicant sign-ups have increased by 30% week on week. Businesses currently on Zapid Hire include Retail Zoo (Betty’s Burgers), Cali Press, Zambrero (200 restaurants), Mejico and Rock Pool Dining Group.

If you’re on the hunt for a new job, download Zapid Hire via Google Play or the Apple store and give it a try.

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