If you love stunning images of our Beaches, Henry Ross Mawer will need no introduction. Under HRM Photography he’s captured some of the most famous images of the local area, and you can view these currently at the Beaches’ ‘Smallest Gallery’ Art Needs a Heart.

Sydney’s warm days and long nights are slowly drawing to a close, but you can still cherish the best moments of summer with this captivating exhibition by HRM Photography at Art Needs a Heart gallery in Manly.

Henry Ross Mawer is the face behind the camera and has lived on the Northern Beaches since he moved from Europe to Australia 16 years ago. Whether he’s shooting for Australian Geographic or simply capturing everyday moments, Henry always has his camera by his side.

“My camera is like an external organ and I feel odd when I haven’t got it with me,” he says. “I get FOMO that I’m going to see a great photo opportunity but not be able to capture it.”

Henry’s newest exhibition My Photos Are My Paintings captures the bright blue waters and sandy shores of our beautiful Northern Beaches, spanning from Manly to North Curl Curl.

Lee Smith, the owner of Art Needs a Heart, came across Henry’s photographs on Instagram and invited him to showcase his prints at her gallery in Manly. This was a seamless fit, considering many of his photos were taken at Manly Beach.

“It was very hard selecting the photos to exhibit as I can safely say I have thousands of images of Manly and the surrounding areas,” Henry says. “I went with a few of my Manly shots that got a good reaction on my Instagram page, but also tried to go with colours and tones that are trending in today’s interior styling.”

Henry’s favourite photograph from the exhibition captures an intense sunrise over one of the beach access walkways at Curl Curl Beach. He says, “The sky was on fire and the light reflected beautifully off the foliage and dune grasses growing on either side of the walkway.”

As for his favourite place to shoot, Henry picks North Curl Curl pools. “I love how isolated it feels but you have to be continually alert to the ocean conditions as you are so exposed and vulnerable,” he explains.

My Photos Are My Paintings is currently on at Art Needs a Heart gallery in Manly. Henry’s photos are available for purchase as prints in a variety of formats including framed, canvas and acrylic (what a great Mother’s Day present!). In his spare time, he also does event photography, including weddings, maternity shoots, family photo shoots, engagement parties, fashion and content photo shoots, and baby showers.

So head in and check out the exhibition, and follow Henry on his socials below so you don’t miss out on any of his stunning captures.


Henry Ross Mawer Photography Exhibition

Where: Art Needs a Heart, 40a/36-42 Sydney Road, Manly

Opening Hours: Saturday and Sunday, 10am – 4pm

Website: https://www.henryrossmawer.com/ (coming soon)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HRMPhotographic

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/h_r_m_photography/


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