All the colour, glitz and festivities of the Rio Carnival arrives on the Beaches this month at Harbord Diggers. There’s a reason it’s called the biggest party on the planet!!

There’s been just enough to time to recover from the Lunar New Year Festivities, before all the fun and colour of the Rio Carnival comes to town!! We’ve all heard of the festive Brazilian Rio Carnival which has oftentimes been dubbed ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ and focuses on food, frivolity and lots of fun.

To experience the thrill, glamour, sound and excitement right here in Sydney, Harbord Diggers will be hosting festivities on Saturday, Saturday March 20 with roving Samba dancers, Capoeira performers, DJ’s, and food and drink specials. We suggest locking in the date to avoid missing out!

Contact details
Address: 88 Evans St, Freshwater NSW 2096
Phone: 02 9938 1444

Instagram: @harborddiggers

Did you know that Major Fun, the newest indoor play centre on the Northern Beaches, opens this month at Harbord Diggers as well! Click here for details. 

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