What’s a Floating Wellness Retreat we hear you ask? It’s a divine long-weekend of rejuvenation while floating down the Hawkesbury River on a houseboat with the itinerary curated by a Northern Beaches wellness expert. So if you’re looking for some ‘me time’ you may want to get on board!

What do you do after you’ve made it to the top your profession in the US planning events for the likes of Barrack Obama and various film stars? If you’ve trained as a yoga and reiki master and have experience with wellness retreats you could always move to the Northern Beaches and start offering houseboat holidays for women. This is the exciting life of Chelsea Arganbright, who did just this after arriving on our sunny shores recently!

Says Chelsea of her move to the area “I have found solace in the relaxed, peaceful, friendly Northern Beaches, which is much like my favourite place in the States, San Diego – except with a much better work-life balance.” Born and raised in Southern California, Chelsea gained experience as a VIP event manager working for Bill Gates and Clint Eastwood, and discovered her passion for creating memorable experiences for people. Now a “proud Aussie” citizen after settling permanently here three years ago, Chelsea spent the first few years in Perth establishing her business, Larrikin Travel, which’ “creates unforgettable experiences that enhance wellbeing”.

Larrikin’s unique ‘Travel Energetics’ service offers clients a fully customised travel itinerary based on their own input to a specialised software system which determines where they would be best to visit and better still, places to avoid. Chelsea tells us, “I’ve always been an avid traveler and got a thrill out of planning my friends’ travel itineraries because I tend to have a knack for finding unique places!”

Following a move to Sydney eight months ago, Chelsea was lured to the Northern Beaches by the health benefits of a coastal lifestyle. “My mum and I traveled around the world since I was born but we always lived coastally, so I was acutely aware of the positive effects the ocean has on peoples’ wellness. During my Masters course in Sociology I wrote my thesis on our innate connection to nature and the sea and how much of a positive impact it has on our mindsets.”

 A culmination of her expertise, coupled with the personal satisfaction gained from hosting women’s wellness and personal development retreats while living in Perth, has brought about the birth of the latest arm of her business, ‘Larrikin Floating Wellness Retreats’.

Aimed at providing a pampering escape from the day-to-day, the experience is primarily for women aboard a custom-made, solar powered luxury houseboat on the Hawkesbury River. Chelsea describes the retreats as, “Three days of total bliss where you are cooked for, cleaned up after, and spoiled. It’s a peaceful long-weekend (Friday-Sunday) all-inclusive retreat with organic food, locally-sourced wine, and all the (Yin/Vinyasa) yoga, meditation and fun personal development and/or creative workshops your heart could want.”

Itineraries are tailored to meet specific guest requirements. Activities can also include swimming and kayaking, and the yoga and guided meditation sessions are either practiced on the top deck or within the surrounding national parklands visited during the voyage. There is accommodation for a total of six guests, configured into four private cabins with queen-sized beds, plus an additional two single bunks.


It certainly sounds like a divine getaway – and much-needed for most women who usually put themselves last when it comes to care-giving. It’s also a super easy travel option, says Chelsea.

“A Floating Wellness Retreat is entirely exclusive and private, you don’t have to deal with flights or the airport, and it’s easily accessible and right in your own backyard but it feels like you’re somewhere else completely. The intention is to provide you with an experience that makes you feel completely rejuvenated.”

For booking and more details on the Floating Wellness Retreats, please visit Larrikin Travel’s website https://larrikintravel.com/

You can also follow Larrikin Travel’s offerings and adventures here: F:  https://www.facebook.com/LarrikinTravel/ I: https://www.instagram.com/larrikintravel/


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