Local well-known children’s book author Nat Amoore recently celebrated Book Week with country children visiting Manly-based charity Royal Far West.

Book Week is an annual event for schools and libraries to spend a week celebrating books by Australian children’s authors and illustrators and this year local charity Royal Far West had an exciting local guest. Northern Beaches’ children’s book author Nat Amoore dropped by to share some stories.

Nat first found success with her book Secrets of a Schoolyard Millionaire which became Australia’s #1 bestselling debut Aussie children’s fiction in 2019, and then a worldwide success. Her second book The Power Of Positive Pranking came out in June 2020 and won the 2021 Environment Award for Children’s Literature. Nat went on to publish The Right Way To Rock and her latest release, a novel/graphic novel hybrid We Run Tomorrow. 

Jacqueline Emery from Royal Far West said “I was very excited when I heard that we had a children’s author from the Northern Beaches coming to meet our country kids. I can’t thank Nat enough for inspiring these kids and letting them believe in the power of storytelling. Country kids from regional and remote Australia don’t get opportunities to meet writers and artists, so it was incredibly generous of Nat to give up her time for the kids visiting Royal Far West this week”.

Jacqueline goes on to say “In rural Australia, families are grappling with a distressing challenge of trying to get paediatric appointments for their children. The situation is dire when considering the increased complexity of children’s needs, compounded by the statewide shortage of paediatric appointments. It’s worrying enough, if your child needs developmental support, but then to be told it could be 3 to 4 years on a waitlist for your child to access support for issues ranging from speech pathology, OT or a diagnosis of ADHD or Autism is devastating for families and simply not acceptable”.

Children and their families travel to Royal Far West in Manly for a week-long stay, during which they have access to a multidisciplinary team that includes paediatrics, psychiatry, speech pathology, Occupational therapy, and other disciplines.

Nat said, “As a kid growing up on a small farm, we never had an author visit our school. So I never imagined I could be one. How cool is it that I can now show kids that anyone can become an author? Even me!”

Nat Amoore Image: Jean-Claude Sicart

12-year-old Millie said, ‘Nat was so funny. I loved her stories about her and her brother – she kept me guessing all the time and it really made me think about how I can tell stories – I think I might be a writer when I’m older!”

For more on Nat Amoore please click here 

About Royal Far West

childhood, leisure and people concept – group of happy kids with kite playing at park

Established in 1924, Royal Far West is one of Australia’s most enduring and respected charities dedicated to connecting kids in rural and remote communities to the care they need.

Royal Far West offers health, education and disability services for country children and their families at the Centre for Country Kids in Manly, virtually via Telecare, and in local communities.

Right now, 190,000+ children across rural and remote Australia have health and developmental needs that can’t be met because of where they live.

Royal Far West’s 140+ paediatric clinicians support country kids aged 2-12 with speech and language delays; behavioural and conduct disorders; early life trauma and mental illness; autism, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders.

12,124 families, educators and health professionals received support last year.

The need for services is growing. Find out more at https://www.royalfarwest.org.au/ or sign up for their upcoming Charity Golf Day at Cromer to help raise much needed funds (click here for details)

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