Here’s some lockdown news to brighten your day. The kings of ice cream who proclaim to have “the best gelato in Australia”, have arrived on the Beaches just in time for summer – and hopefully the end of restrictions!

Ice cream lovers are in for the ultimate treat with the arrival of Gelato Messina on the Beaches. With 14 stores across Sydney it’s a wonder the ice cream emporium has only made it to our sun-kissed shores briefly once before with a delivery service out of a pop up at Manly last year.

With most of their stores currently in the Eastern Suburbs and Inner West, it’s definitely about time they brought their popular gelato to the area again. This time they’re dipping their toes in the Beaches waters to test the market with a pop-up at the newly refurbished Harbord Hotel.

“We felt everyone needed a pick-me up after weeks of lockdown, so we contacted our friends at Messina and, as they have no stores on the Northern Beaches, we felt this would be a well-deserved treat for locals heading into spring and summer,” says Jess from the Harbord Hotel. “Also, because Gelato is always a good idea!”

Image: @freshwater_slsc

There are 500ml tubs available (with 1x flavour per tub). The flavours are:
– Cone-ception

– Salted Caramel with White Choc

– Gianduia (Choc Hazelnut / like a Nutella)

– Mango

– Choc Chip

There are also four bake-at-home dessert options on the menu:
THE SAGA CONTINUES – The kit includes a bake at home peanut butter and banana custard cookie pie, topped with peanut crumble, a 1L tub of peanut butter and pretzel cluster gelato, a 350g dark chocolate fudge sauce and 6 x maraschino cherries.

LOCKDOWN SNAIL – A bake at home sticky brioche snail filled with caramel custard and choc chips, covered in gooey malt caramel.

CONE-CEPTION COOKIE PIE KIT – A crumbly cookie pie stuffed with milk and dark choc chips, caramel custard and waffle cone spread, topped with cone crumble and accompanied by a 1L tub of vanilla gelato.

O.G. COOKIE PIE KIT – A deep dish cookie pie stuffed with milk and dark Messina chocolate chunks and a 1L tub of vanilla gelato.

“The great news is that we don’t have an end date for the Messina x Harbord Hotel Pop-Up,” says Jess. “So depending on popularity it could be a regular fixture.”

We certainly hope so!

​The Messina x Harbord Hotel pop up is parked near the bottle shop and open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, 12-8m and Sundays 12-4pm. Due to restrictions, it’s takeaway only of course, and you don’t need to preorder, just swing by the bottle shop driveway to order.

Harbord Hotel
Address: 29 Moore Rd, Freshwater NSW 2096
Phone: 02 9905 3434
Instagram: @harbordhotel @balsarestaurant
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