While Brookvale boasts its well-known craft beer scene, Warriewood is about to get its own first. A new sustainable distillery is setting up shop in Warriewood’s industrial area.

Hang 10 Distillery is the first distillery in Warriewood and prides itself on its commitment to sustainability and innovation. The owners, Marine Raynard and Deon Rowe craft locally-made premium spirits including gin, vodka, rum and whiskey utilising leftover bread sourced from local bakeries.

It was a conversation with a micro distiller from Tasmania that sparked the vision for Hang 10.

Deon, burnt out by the corporate grind, found inspiration after a chat with a Tasmanian distiller at a friend’s bar. As a surfer and ocean lover, minimising climate impact has always been important and it was watching two documentaries that led to Hang 10’s unique vision and distilling process.

Seeing the tons and tons of bananas being discarded because of their size or shape on ABC’s War on Waste  along with another documentary about Ugandans making gin from bananas, Deon saw the potential to re-use unsold food that’s still fresh to create spirits.

“Using unsold food turns into a unique product, reduces food waste and helps combat climate change simultaneously,” explains Deon. “Food waste creates methane, which is a potent greenhouse gas.”

Co-owner Marine has a strong background in advertising, lifestyle, and travel from working as a graphic designer for over a decade. As the brand’s Creative Director, she’s responsible for the branding, product design and leads all things digital for the distillery.

When the pair met in 2018, their complementary skills ignited a spark, propelling them into the world of entrepreneurship as they explored sustainable spirits production.

“It was a blend of enthusiasm and determination that made us move forward with this, and here we are now!” Says Marine.

After showcasing the brand at markets and events for years, the grand opening of its long-awaited cellar door and bar is finally happening this Saturday May 4, 2024. We sat down with Marine and Deon to find out what they’re most looking forward to, and what we can expect from Hang 10’s new digs.

Northern Beaches Living (NBL): Why did you choose Warriewood to open Hang 10 over say, Brookvale or Manly?

Marine: Living close to Warriewood, we noticed a lack of a nice and comfortable social space and we were also keen to create work closer to home. Through a bit of luck and determination to find something that could suit our vision, we stumbled upon this warehouse. When it came up on a Facebook group, we jumped on the occasion to visit it and straight away knew it was the right space to bring our distillery to life with inviting northern-facing glass doors.

We couldn’t let the opportunity go. So here we are, having a crack at providing a cool space for the local community and hoping everyone gets onboard. We also hope by being the first distillery/brewery in Warriewood that we might create a bit of a Brookvale vibe north of the Narrabeen bridge!

NBL: What have your biggest challenges been so far? 

Marine: Oh boy, there’s been quite a few! The red tape process has been extremely difficult while having to pay full rent for 2.5 years and took a financial toll on top of the building and paperwork costs. We thought it would be one year but it proved to be way longer. We had to deal with quite a few difficulties and delays from external sources that were out of our control which put us in quite a tricky position at times.

It’s taken us all our savings, a huge amount of resilience and believing in ourselves and the business to keep going and showing up everyday to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is also a huge undertaking for only the two of us to start this but we hope the hardest of the paperwork is now behind us and we can focus on the exciting part of bringing this to the public.

NBL: What are you most looking forward to when you open? 

Marine: We’re really looking forward to bringing people together in a safe and relaxed social environment. We also are excited for people to come and taste our products and let them know about our sustainable way of creating spirits and why craft spirits are much higher quality and so nice to drink. It’s so nice to get people’s reaction in real time and get to connect through a locally made product.

NBL: What can people expect at Hang 10?   

Marine: People can expect a comfortable welcoming space that’s relaxed with a Cellar Door during the day and full bar for afternoons and evenings. We’re currently focusing on getting the essentials right with nice cocktails, gin & tonics, craft beer, non-alcoholic options and some wine too. For food, we’ll be offering pizzas as well as platters. We’re hoping to expand our food options in the future once we have more resources!

For events, we’re starting distillery tours every Thursday evenings in May as part of Taste of the Beaches where we are excited to share our distilling process and tasting. We might do this more regularly in the future.

We’ve also partnered with an amazing brewer to craft delicious craft beers that are interesting and unorthodox and created a sub-brand called Half-Pace Brewery Company. So watch this space, so many new things will happen in the next few months!

Hang 10 Distillery

AddressUnit 48/5 Ponderosa Parade, Warriewood, NSW, 2102

Opening Hours:
Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday – closed*
Thursday – 4 to 6pm | Cellar Door only
Friday – 12pm to 9pm | Cellar Door + Bar
Saturday – 12pm to 9pm | Cellar Door + Bar
Sunday – Closed

*Bottle pick up available most days, please message in advance to arrange pick up. Cellar Door visit is also possible by appointment.

Website: hang10distillery.com.au

Follow Hang 10 FB & on IG: @hang10distillery

Images: Darcie Collington Photos

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