It was a Christmas-period catastrophe for local businesses with COVID restrictions killing off one of the busiest times of the year. Now the NSW Government is launching a new initiative that sees everyone over the age of 18 receive $100 to spend. Businesses need to register now!

The most recent COVID-19 scare right before Christmas has resulted in an even bigger blow to local businesses after a really bad year. Especially when our Northern Beaches community was forced into lockdown. To help the hospitality and the arts industry recover its losses, the NSW government is launching Dine & Discover NSW. The initiative aims to get the community out to support dining, arts and tourism businesses which have been impacted by COVID-19 restrictions. The public will have access to $100 in vouchers (more on that below) to spend with these businesses to help revive the local economy.

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If you’re keen for your business to benefit from this plan, registrations are now open for you. Keep in mind that Dine & Discover NSW will first run a pilot test before opening up across the state. A small number of participants at The Rocks and Broken Hill will be given the green light in early February before the initiative reaches a larger group in Sydney CBD, Northern Beaches and Bega Valley later this month.

By March, the program is expected to be rolled out across the state and will run until 30 June.


To participate in the scheme, your business will need to be in one of the following industries:

  • cafes and restaurants
  • pubs, taverns, bars and clubs
  • scenic and sightseeing transport
  • cinemas
  • museums, galleries and historic sites
  • zoos, botanic gardens, wildlife parks and nature reserves
  • performing arts operations, theatres and entertainment centres
  • amusement, theme and water parks
  • recreational activities such as go-karting, indoor climbing, mini-golf, billiards, bowling or ice-rinks
  • outdoor adventures
  • travel agencies and tours.

Then you’ll need to ensure your business has a COVID Safety Plan and is registered as COVID Safe. You will also need to:

If you meet the requirements above, you can begin your registration process for the Dine & Discover initiative here.

I’m a customer, how will I get my vouchers?

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The Dine & Discover vouchers will be split into two categories. Two $25 vouchers will be eligible for eating in at restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs and clubs from Monday to Thursday (excluding public holidays). The other two $25 vouchers will be used on entertainment and recreation such as theme parks and the zoo.

You cannot use the vouchers to purchase

  • takeaway or delivery meals
  • alcohol
  • tobacco
  • gambling
  • online orders.

You will need a Service NSW account before you can register for the vouchers. A voucher looks like a QR code. This can be presented to the business as a digital voucher on your smartphone, or as a printed voucher. Both are valid.

NSW residents aged 18 and over will be able to apply online for Dine & Discover NSW Vouchers from March 2021. Please click here.

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Is it Enough to Rescue our Local Businesses?

“The Dine and Discover initiative is a relief for businesses on the Northern Beaches that have been doing it so tough,” Federal Member for Warringah, Zali Steggall tells us. “I do however think it should be broadened to capture other businesses that have been affected such as florists or retail stores in our area that have also suffered. Please remember to continue supporting these businesses.”

Stay tuned for more features on how to help our local businesses!

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