When The Mind Cafe founder Guy Morel shared a video this week that mentioned his amazing cafe was in danger of closing, the community rallied with ideas to save it – help is still needed! 

“We are a community where all human beings can come for a delicious beverage and a yummy bite to eat whilst in a safe and non-judgmental environment. With a focus on mental wellbeing, we at The Mind Cafe promote social inclusiveness and togetherness. No matter what your story is, you are a part of our community.”

This is the mind-set behind beautiful The Mind Cafe at 1346 Pittwater Rd, Narrabeen. Opened in September 2021, by Guy Morel who wanted to open a cafe where people could connect with others in their community, The Mind Cafe is now known as a place that not only serves a good coffee – it saves lives!

Guy himself struggled with depression and addiction and attempted to take his own life in 2018. Now he dedicates his time and energy to creating a safe space where anyone who’s feeling a bit low or just needs to chat can come and realise they aren’t alone.

Two mornings a week The Mind Cafe hosts Coffee with Kindness with this year’s Northern Beaches Council Australia Day 2024 Award winner for Senior Citizen of the Year, Aileen Maree Ogilvie. An orphan’s christmas was held there recently too, for anyone who didn’t have friends or family to spend Christmas with.

There are many more initiatives run by the Cafe and it was fast becoming one of the most important community spaces on the Beaches. So the news of possible closure  was quite rightly met with an outpouring of shock, love and support.

“I’ve got some not so good news that I share with a heavy heart,” says Guy. “If things don’t change dramatically by April 1st I’ll have to look for an exit strategy. Unfortunately we’re not sustainable. I put my love, heart, soul and everything into this cafe and all I really want to do is make a difference. Maybe that’s my problem that I think too much with my heart. It’s a shame because I love what we do and I love that what we do makes a difference to so many people. So to have to close this thing, my passion, my love, my everything would be very very sad, and would probably make a difference to a lot of people out there in a negative way. But we’ve still got to April 1st so I’m going to give it a mad crack and work as hard as possible to see if we can rebound and make things look really positive into the future.”

There are many ideas being workshopped on the The Mind Cafe’s Facebook page right now on how to help and save it so please click through if you have any great ideas, and thankfully a Go Fund Me has been set up as well with many gladly donating in support of such a worthwhile community safe space remaining open.


And please pop in and try the delicious new menu – and support this amazing local business that connects the community. We need more of them!

(Also wishing Guy a very happy birthday!)


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