A draft strategy to establish the most effective way to manage the Narrabeen Lagoon entrance to reduce the risk of flooding has been released by Northern Beaches Council for community feedback.

The draft Narrabeen Lagoon Entrance Management Strategy is a comprehensive investigation of all aspects of entrance management, including sand transport, flood benefits and entrance efficiency and dynamics.

It includes an assessment of management options looking at technical feasibility as well as economic, social and environmental impacts and risks. The assessment was informed by a literature review of best practice, modelling, and a detailed cost benefit analysis by a quantity surveyor, and was peer-reviewed during its preparation.

Following the extensive assessment and analysis the draft Strategy recommends that Council:

  • continue periodic large scale sand clearance operations
  • trial more frequent sand clearances but with smaller volumes, in targeted areas
  • continue intermittent mechanical breakouts if the lagoon entrance closes between major clearances and in response to forecast high rain and swells
  • revegetate and maintain Birdwood Park dune to assist sand stabilisation
  • review mobile sand pumping (as an alternative to trucking) if lower cost pricing becomes available.

Mayor Michael Regan said the main objective of the draft strategy is to reduce the risk of flooding on the Narrabeen Lagoon floodplain.

“Residents on the floodplain know too well the stress that comes every time there is forecast high rainfall, large swells or flood warnings,” Mayor Regan said.

“The development of this draft strategy is about making sure we’ve canvassed all feasible options to reduce that stress, to reduce the risk and to make sure our lagoon management continues to follow best practice.

“Council has been actively managing the entrance to Narrabeen Lagoon to reduce the risk of flooding in the catchment while working on the longer-term management strategy.

“Fortunately, Council was able to complete the major sand clearance operation before Christmas ahead of the huge amount of rain that we’ve had in the first few months of this year.”

Image: Joy Li Kelly via Northern Beaches Living Facebook Group

It has been great to have a range of flood and coastal experts, as well as the community, contribute to the draft long-term strategy and fully investigate all the options and their respective benefits, costs, and potential environmental impacts.

“I look forward to hearing more from the community as the draft is exhibited for comment.”

The draft Strategy will be on exhibition from 6 May and your feedback is invited until June 19. Click through to Your Say on the Northern Beaches Council website, or attend the Drop In Session at Narrabeen Coastal Environment Centre (CEC) on Sat 28 May (morning) 2022

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Featured image: Steve Rankin via Northern Beaches Living Facebook Group

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