kate reeves and gemma pranita

Northern Beaches locals Kate Reeves and Gemma Pranita are full-time working mums, striving to balance their professional work and family life while trying to find the ‘humor’ in the everyday juggle.

Their podcast, We Don’t Have Time For This, has a loyal and engaged listenership featuring the two friends discussing motherhood, work-life and career, relationships, friendships and how they come together in the ultimate juggle. The duo are quickly becoming known for their irreverent, sharp and honest conversations about everything from toilet training to body image, all with a healthy dose of self-deprecation and lashings of humour.

As well as podcaster, Gemma is an Actor / Presenter and photographer. She is the Founder of Gemma Peanut Photography and runs her online course Photography 101 through her own platform at www.gemmapeanut.com. Kate is a Creative Director/Art Director who has worked in film, digital and print her whole career.

kate reeves and gemma pranita
Gemma Pranita (left) and Kate Reeves (right)

Both girls juggle a social media platform, the podcast and their full time careers with busy family lives… and love the craziness.

This Spring, Gemma and Kate are embarking on a multi city tour with their Live Show “Can We Not Evolve?” The tour will include stops in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Sydney where they will be oversharing their strong and opinionated feelings about motherhood, female friendship, and the divine meaning of being a woman through song and dance. They’ll be stopping in at local Westfield centres along the way to whine and dine with likeminded mums who also have a lot of opinions and no time!

Tell us about your connection to the Northern Beaches? How long have you lived here?

Kate: I have lived here my whole life. My Dad grew up in Manly and my sister and I grew up in Church Point. After years of adventuring, now all my family have settled back on the beaches from Manly to Freshie, Curly and Collaroy.

Gemma: My husband and I used to drive to Freshie beach every evening after work and one day we thought, “We need to move there!” So that became our goal and we LOVE our Freshie lifestyle.

Tell us your top Northern Beaches tips for dining, shopping, kids activities, outdoor stuff and others you want to throw in.

Kate: Manly is my heartland. So I love Banco or Hugos for a date night. For fun family hangs, it’s always The Diggers or The Newport, or a picnic at The Office. Also my daily coffee comes from Bubblebox because it’s the secret best coffee on the beaches, hidden inside a laundromat!

Gemma: Date night is so often at Harbord Hotel for us, or we love Pocket Pizza. Picnics at Freshie with take away from Shaka or Pilu are a weekend staple.

Your podcast is a runaway success, congratulations! When you started out did you ever imagine it would have the impact it has? What made you decide to work on it together?

NO! We literally started the podcast to have a “legit” reason to hang out more and we knew if we had to drop an ep every week that would guarantee a catch up. Then it took off so fast we just had to play catch up. We’ve actually worked together on so many hare-brained projects, ever since we were 11 years old, so we’re glad something finally hit.

Your podcast runs the gamut of the female experience in 2023, including motherhood, parenting, relationships, fashion, beauty and more. How do you hone in on what to speak about on each podcast?

Look, we would love to be more organised, but the title of our show is no joke. The gift of being besties for such a long time is we don’t need to plan, we just start talking and it flows.

What do your partners and kids think about the work you do together?

They’re super proud of us, but the show is blocked from the kids! It’s way too rude. But we are very mindful, especially as our kids age, that we don’t want to talk about them in any way that would embarrass them, so this is a really ever-evolving thing.

You’re known for being podcasters who also work full time, but can you envisage a day when podcasting is your full time gig?

We’re almost there! We’ve taken this quarter to fully immerse ourselves in our first ever live show, and so that’s become our full-time, along with recording and making content, so yes, we can totally see it happening (and we still won’t have any time).

How is the prep going for your live shows?

It’s going so well. We are so exited to get out and meet our listeners and get back to our theatre roots. The stage is our happy place, although a bit outside Revz’s comfort zone, but just being ourselves with awesome music and other theatrics is kinda the dream!

kate reeves and gemma pranita

Westfield Besties Brunch at Warringah Mall
Gemma and Kate invite you to join them for a champers and some chit chat in an exclusive Besties Brunch only for Westfield Members. Grab your girls and enjoy a ‘mumosa’ in an intimate sit-down event with Gemma and Kate discussing the latest #MumHacks and reality of evolving style post kids. There will be lucky door prizes, games, giveaways and much more! So leave the kids at home and get ready for some well-deserved ‘me’ time.

Date: 9 September
Time: 10 am – 12 pm
Located: The Suite, Ground level near Sephora
Cost: $30

Tickets will be available from the 28th August – click here.

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