Architects and Builders

MILEHAM is a full service architect and award winning custom home builder, designing and building
residential properties of exceptional quality, elegance and style.

In a world where it is increasingly difficult to receive the truly personalised service and flexibility you
need when designing and building your dream home, relative newcomer MILEHAM is shaking up the
industry and quickly building an enviable reputation for delivering exactly what their clients need.

Sure, as an architect and custom home builder, MILEHAM provides a bespoke design and home build
service. However, this is just the beginning. MILEHAM’s Principal Architect – James Pilcher – is also
an award winning licensed master builder. That means that when he is working with you on your
bespoke design, he also has a deep understanding as to what that design will cost in the build phase.
So, you know from the very beginning of your major renovation or knock down rebuild project,
exactly whether your design aspirations are in line with your build budget, and can make the
necessary adjustments before you get to your DA or CDC approvals stage.

In addition to this, MILEHAM provides a truly flexibly design and build service. Whether you simply
1. Architectural plans, but you already have your own preferred builder
2. You already have your plans, but just need a custom home builder, or
3. You are looking for a complete design and build service

MILEHAM can provide you with what you need. This level of flexibility – wrapped up in a full service
architect/custom home builder provider – is simply unheard of in the home design and build industry.

View a portfolio of select MILEHAM projects on their website, where you can also book your FREE
initial consultation to discuss your home renovation or knock down rebuild project.

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