Sydney Road Gallery

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Sydney Road Gallery is a collective of accomplished mid-level exhibiting visual artists from disciplines including painting, printmaking, textiles and sculptural basketry, who have come together to jointly manage a combined gallery space. Artists are collaborators, it takes many people to see original artworks on walls. At Sydney Road Gallery encourage and enjoy the coming together of patrons as well as stylists, interior designers and architects who create a unique and aesthetically beautiful spaces place to live and work.

To create is the beginning of a conversation. When you spend hours or even months creating a piece, each painting or sculpture has a story woven into it.

The Sydney Road Gallery objective is to create a gallery about relationships: artists with artists, artists with people who come in and artists with stylists and interior designers.

Every artist in the collective see buyers of art as patrons of the arts rather than simply a transaction.

We want to tell those stories to our patrons and the people who change spaces with our works . The feeling that comes from making something and then seeing that made item in a living or work space, and knowing that it was specifically chosen, can be life changing for an artist.

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