Cosmetic & Beauty

Biohacking, evidence based wellness comes to Mosman.

Cryotherapy, Sauna, Redlight bed, Byonik facials, Lymphatic drainage, & more.

Tsavo wellness, a mother daughter duo passionate about bringing you state of the art wellness technology in a relaxing and luxurious spa like environment.

With over 9 modalities from Lymphatic drainage and slimming treatments to AirPod oxygen and hydrogen hyperbaric chamber to the award winning Nucalm, designed by neuroscientist Dr. Blake Holloway- using bio-chemistry, physics and neurophysiology to rapidly and reliably relax brain and body functions.

We have more than you could wish for right here at your doorstep.

No place in Sydney makes it so easy to take control of your well-being offering this level of science based, results driven biohacking treatments.

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