Based right here on the North Shore, Nexba sugar free beverages began with a vision for guilt free indulgence and a passion for natural ingredients. Brothers-in-law Drew Bilbe and Troy Douglas have grown the business from humble beginnings on a Mexican beach to being stocked around Australia and Europe. Now, they’re hoping to be taken on by stockists BWS as part of their Local Luvvas campaign.

Having grown up on the North Shore and with their business now based in St Leonards, the boys behind beverage brand Nexba represent a true local success story. Their  story began in 2010 when 23-year-old Drew lay on a Mexican beach sipping a homemade iced tea. As he thought about how good it tasted, it also dawned on him just how much sugar was in that tiny glass. He wondered if you could make a  natural drink that tasted just as good but without the sugar overload. 

Armed with a tan and a plan, Drew turned to his brother-in-law, Troy, to help turn this idea into a reality. And so Nexba was born, affectionately named after the Rio Nexpa beach in Mexico that started it all. From then on, the Aussie Boys set out to do things differently, and better.  

Within a year Drew and Troy were selling their first drinks from the back of a van in Bondi Beach, quickly gaining a devoted following. Six years later they had their globally patented natural sweetener blend perfected. Fast forward to 2020 and Nexba is a leading Naturally Sugar Free brand, proudly enjoyed by thousands of households across Australia and Europe.

Their products include soft drinkstonic waterkombuchasparkling water and more. All Nexba beverages are guaranteed to be Naturally Sugar Free which means they contain no sugar and nothing artificial. They’re also lactose free, GMO free, BPA free, gluten free, vegan and keto friendly. 

“Sugar is now in the spotlight as one of the primary causes of diabetes and obesity, and the statistics are alarming. Nexba is a passionate advocate of healthier living and we are tackling sugar head on in Australia and soon the globe, by providing a cleaner alternative to the soft drinks full of sugar and artificial nasties that are currently on supermarket shelves,” says Troy.

You Can Help Nexba Get Stocked in BWS

Did you know that the average bottle of tonic water has more than 8 teaspoons of added sugar – that’s more than the World Health Organisation’s daily recommended intake! So the gang at Nexba have crafted a healthy Naturally Sugar Free tonic water with all the amazing tangy bitter flavours of a premium tonic water, without the mountain of sugar and any artificial ingredients.

Nexba’s popular tonic water is in the running to be stocked in BWS stores locally as part of their Local Luvvas campaign. Vote for Nexba on the BWS Local Luvvas competition page. There’s no details to fill out and it takes about two seconds!

If Nexba gets enough votes, that means more good news! You’ll be able to pick up your favourite gin and Nexba Naturally Sugar-Free Tonic Water at your local BWS in one go.

For more information about Nexba and their products visit

To vote for Nexba in the BSW Local Luvvas Competition visit

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