In a testament to human endurance and heartfelt dedication, Jennifer Kelly, a dedicated massage therapist from Manly, has embarked on an extraordinary 1000km run over 58 days. Beyond the physical challenge, this remarkable journey serves as a poignant tribute to her late brother, Tim, and a rallying cry for women of all ages. Additionally, Jennifer is leveraging this inspiring endeavour to raise crucial funds for Bear Cottage, the Children’s hospice in Manly.

Honouring Tim’s Memory

Tim, a spirited soul and ardent rugby lover, left an indelible mark on those who knew him. Jennifer’s run, spanning 1000 kilometers in 58 days, is a powerful commemoration of his 58 years of life, aiming to capture the essence of his spirit with each stride. Beyond a personal feat, it’s a celebration of the resilience that love and memory can inspire. Not actually planned, the 58th day happens to be Tim’s birthday. He would have turned 60. 

Supporting Bear Cottage: A Cause Close to the Heart

While conquering the challenging 1000 km route, Jennifer is simultaneously raising funds for Bear Cottage, an essential Children’s hospice in Manly. Bear Cottage provides compassionate palliative care and support for children with life-limiting conditions, offering solace to families facing unimaginable challenges. Jennifer’s goal is to raise $15,800, ensuring that Bear Cottage can continue its vital work in providing comfort to those in need. 

Empowering Women Through Action

As a Massage Therapist specializing in supporting women in their athletic pursuits, Jennifer is on a mission to break barriers and redefine societal expectations for women, of any age and background. Her run is more than a physical challenge; it’s a call to action for women to set ambitious goals, embrace an active lifestyle, and shatter preconceived notions. Through this journey, she seeks to inspire a generation of empowered, goal-oriented women that set no limitations. 

Joining the Journey: Sponsoring Hope and Healing

Individuals and businesses are invited to become part of this meaningful journey by sponsoring Jennifer’s run. Whether contributing 1 cent per kilometer or a flat amount of choice, each donation makes a tangible impact. In the spirit of collective action, Jennifer extends an invitation to make a difference, echoing the community-driven efforts of yesteryears’ charity events.

Making an Impact

Jennifer’s run is not just a personal quest; it’s a collective effort to make a lasting impact. Donations can be made at allowing individuals to be a part of a broader movement dedicated to bringing hope and healing to those who need it most.

You can follow Jen here for more: @jenniferkellly





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