Blaze Roberts

The Beaches produces some mighty fine people (it must be something in the water). Now, a 19-year-old local is a NSW finalist for Miss Universe Australia – oh, and she also surfs, models, skates and is studying neuropsychology! 

Blaze Angel is a force to be reckoned with. She’s achieved a lot at a very young age, and being announced as a NSW finalist for Miss Universe Australia is just scratching the surface. But it is something completely new for the high-achieving local.

Blaze Roberts
Image: Blaze Angel

“I have never competed in a pageant before this.” says Blaze, although she has been modelling since she was about eight years old. 

“My uncles’ partner was Miss International Australia in 2010. She sent me the open call out that Miss Universe was having late last year and encouraged me to apply. With little expectations, I sent in my application and then waited for a response. When I got the email I was buzzing with excitement!”

The NSW finals for the pageant are being held on 16 April in Sydney, where they will announce the names of women off to the National finals later in the year. It’s here that one of the contestants will be crowned Miss Universe Australia. 

As part of her Miss Universe journey, Blaze is currently raising money for ToyBox Australia, a charity dedicated to supporting sick and disadvantaged Australian children.

“ToyBox Australia does amazing things to help provide financial assistance, medical equipment, and much-needed betterment to the lives of these children and their families. I am incredibly proud to say that I have already raised nearly $1500 for this charity, however, I do hope to raise more!

Surfer, skater, Instagram influencer…

While modelling is a big part of Blaze’s life, one of her main passions is surfing. Blaze has grown up in the same house on the Northern Beaches her entire life. She was born into a surfing family, who are fifth-generation Beaches locals. She’s always lived very close to the beach, and says she was either going to be a surfer or would have to learn to enjoy watching it!

Blaze Roberts
Image: Blaze Angel

“My dad has been surfing for 50 years and I have been surfing for 15,” she says.

“I started competing in local surf comps at about 9 or 10 years old and from there I continued to enter bigger and higher-level competitions. I am now competing on the Qualifying Series (QS), just one level down from the world tour.”

To this date, her best surfing spot has to be to an incredibly remote part of Indonesia where she, her sister and dad surfed perfect waves all day and ate a diet of coconuts, fish and rice.

When Blaze isn’t surfing or modelling, she’s either skating or creating content for her Instagram account and sharing her various passions to her 18,000 (and growing) followers. You’ll also find her addressing societal issues that she feels deeply about.

You might be wondering by this point how she does it all?

“I’m the type of person who needs to keep busy at all times,” Blaze explains. “But I’m quite a spiritual person so you’ll find me meditating and journaling which helps a lot!”

Blaze Roberts
Image: Blaze Angel

What else is on the horizon for Blaze?

While Blaze is excited about the upcoming finals for Miss Universe Australia and her frequent surfing expeditions, she’s also in the process of beginning her studies to become a research neuropsychologist.  

“Last year I was accepted as a first-round offer student early (before even sitting my trial HSC exams) into a Bachelor of Psychology at my top preference university, Macquarie. Due to my busy schedule at the moment, I have just deferred my course, but I will be starting in July of this year. I am very much looking forward to it.”

You can follow Blaze’s journey via Instagram to stay up-to-date, and visit her fundraising page if you’re keen to donate to a good cause. Blaze is also hosting her own hosting fundraising event in Manly on April 7 at Tropikana North Steyne, and would love everyone to attend. Please see here for details. 

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