Northern Beaches Council is rolling out new parking sensors to make parking at popular beachfront locations “easier and more accessible than ever before”.

Along with beautiful beaches on our doorstep comes a high demand for parking on our beachfront. During peak times drivers are searching and waiting for parking, which can make finding a spot difficult and cause congestion. Northern Beaches Council will soon roll out new parking sensors as a solution.

The parking sensors will be installed at Shelly Beach, Little Manly, North Steyne, South Steyne, Clontarf and Sandy Bay Road.

Drivers will be able to access real time data using the NSW Government Park’nPay App to find out how many parking spaces are available at each location prior to setting out.

People with a disability will also be able to find accessible parking in Council carparks thanks to the new Park’nPay Accessibility Portal recently unveiled by the state government. Council will be part of this initiative, with sensors for accessible parking spots being rolled out later this year.

Northern Beaches Mayor Michael Regan said the new sensors will help make parking easier and more accessible, while alleviating traffic and congestion on local roads.

“With some truly spectacular beach days this summer, we have all seen just how popular our beaches have become,” Mayor Regan said.

“A family trip to the beach shouldn’t be a hassle so we are doing what we can to make it easier for both residents and visitors to access parking at our popular beachfront locations.

“This will help avoid traffic and congestion on local roads.”

Parking sensors were being installed at Shelly Beach carpark last week before being rolled out to the other locations. Works will be completed over the coming months and will be operational mid-2023.

The in-ground sensors are installed beneath the surface of the road and detect when a vehicle enters and leaves a parking space.

Drivers can pay and manage parking through the Park’nPay App in the Northern Beaches and within 14 other council areas across the state.

The parking sensors are being installed to assist drivers in locating available parking spaces and allow staff to provide information to the community in real time using mobile message boards when the system is operational.

Main image: Our Beaches are more popular than ever; @neilthompsonrees shared this image in Northern Beaches Living recently taken at Curl Curl


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