When a member recently posted about a new cat cafe in Middle Cove in Northern Beaches Living, it had us all zipping over the Spit for coffee, treats and a cat cuddle. Here’s the story…

Whether you’re looking for a new cat companion or just want to enjoy some delicious coffee and kitty cuddles, be sure to check out Jiji Rescue Cat Café in Middle Cove. The Café, which opened in late February 2023, aims to provide a loving and safe environment for rescue cats and help them find their forever homes.

Jiji Cat Rescue Café was founded by Yuki Arai (pictured on the left), who migrated from Japan to Australia ten years ago. The popularity of cat cafés in Japan, along with the significant number of stray cats in Sydney, inspired her decision to start the very special business.

Rescue Cat at Cat Café

“I’d been trying to figure out the right way to get involved in the animal care industry while studying,” Yuki explains. “Around the time, a friend told me about the stray cats near her place, so I decided to open my rescue cat café.”

“Approximately 200,000 dogs and cats are euthanised in Australia every year. That’s about 950 dogs and cats every day. Unfortunately cats are euthanised about twice more than dogs.  The soul purpose of this cafe is to provide opportunities to find forever families for cats who are stuck in shelters or wondering the streets. In the mean time, we are focused on providing a safe and comfortable environment. Cats are our first priority at our cafe. Reducing stress and providing a healthy and comfortable environment with lots of love…”

Guests are invited to cuddle and play with the kittens in Jiji’s Cat Lounge. Entry is $15 per person for 20 minutes and an additional $8 for every 10 minutes after. All ages are welcome, but kids under 12 require adult supervision, and booking is strongly recommended.

Rescue Cat at Cat Café

Cat lovers are also welcome to order coffee and a treat at the café. The menu includes a variety of coffee, tea, juice, soft drinks and milkshakes including white chocolate, matcha, popcorn, banana and salted caramel.

There’s also a purrfectly yummy snack menu with gluten-free banana bread and cookies, healthy protein balls, and some more substantial offerings including a ham and cheese croissant, chicken Caesar wrap and roasted vegetable wrap.

“Even just ordering a cup of coffee can save more lives,” Yuki says. “It helps me keep (the cats) healthy and increases the opportunity for them to be adopted.”

Jiji Cat Rescue Café usually has cats and kittens available for adoption. Previous success stories include 15-week-old Ed Sheeran who loves to sing, and one-and-a-half-year-old Milo who was rescued off the street by a young family who cared for her while she raised two kittens. Each cat has their own unique profile available on the website and Jiji welcomes applications for adoption from those interested in providing a loving home.


Jiji Rescue Cat Cafe 

Address: 161B Eastern Valley Way, Middle Cove

Café Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 8am – 5pm

Cat Lounge Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 9am – 5pm

Website: https://www.jijirescuecatcafe.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/people/Jiji-Rescue-Cat-Cafe/100066642610054/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jijirescuecatcafe/


Images: Jiji Rescue Cat Cafe

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