How clever is this? The Northern Beaches’ newest coworking space also has a child minding option! CoWork Creche is revolutionising how working parents do childcare…

Whichever way you look at it, childcare is hard. And, with rising costs and non-existent openings, it’s getting harder. It’s little surprise that people are starting to look at ways to do childcare better. Melody Bouffler was one of those people who had a vision for a better system. That’s why she’s bringing CoWork Creche to the Northern Beaches in early 2024.

Melody tells us that the idea for the space came from her own personal struggles trying to balance her busy legal career, whilst also being present and able to care for her young son. It turns out that the answer for her was a complete career shift – one that would help other parents.

“I was struggling to work from home with my baby and was desperate for some assistance during the day, but also couldn’t bear the thought of leaving him,” Melody says, “I grew up in Newport and loved the idea of helping other mums and families reach their career goals while still being able to be fully present as a parent.” 

From here the idea blossomed: what if there was a co-working space that would allow parents time when they needed it to work in an office, while their children were close by, in the same building, being cared for by carers qualified in early childhood education?

Now the brilliant idea is soon to become a reality! CoWork Creche will open on the Northern Beaches in February 2024. 

Melody says the biggest challenge in getting the idea off the ground was finding a space, but they’ve found the perfect premises (with the perfect parking set up for mums and dads) and everything has fallen into place.

The main benefit of CoWork Creche over a conventional childcare setting is flexibility, according to Melody.

“A traditional daycare “locks” you into set times and days each week at a cost,” she says. “We allow parents to book half day morning or afternoon options and swap their days around based on their working commitments. Our centre also helps babies transition into pre-school and big school, their parents can stay close and assist with their feeding and sleep during the day and this is especially important for breastfeeding Mums who may want to avoid pumping and bottles.”

The centre will cater for children from 8 weeks of age through to 4 years old, and has no minimum booking requirements with parents able to book as many days, or even half days as they need each week. 

But the news gets better. For some families, attending CoWork Creche may be cheaper than normal childcare. 

“We are not eligible for the childcare subsidy, but our daily fee is comparable to the cost of a childcare centre on the Northern Beaches AND we invoice as a coworking space which means parents may be able to claim the cost of our coworking space as a tax deduction. For families earning a combined income of $200,000 or higher, our centre can actually work out cheaper,” says Melody.

If you’re interested in finding out more about CoWork Creche, Melody is very much looking forward to inviting the community to a series of open days throughout January 2024.

For more information about CoWork Creche, and their inclusions and fee structure, visit the website and make sure you’re following their Facebook page for updates as they move towards their grand opening. 


CoWork Creche (opening 2024)

Call: 0475 677 013





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