Kim Jones gives us a sneak peek behind the scenes of our popular local College and reveals one of the biggest secrets of its success.

How did I start working here?

“I started here in an admin role which was part time. The College, however, (Northern Beaches & Mosman College NBMC) sorted out a traineeship to get me where I am today. I transitioned to bookkeeper and I was able to “earn and learn” on the job, with the course fees paid for. I am forever grateful that they were so encouraging.”

What I see on a daily basis

“Working here you see people walking through the door every day ready to change their lives, it’s written all over their face. Their courses are running anywhere from a few hours to a whole year. Students are always back to do another course and in my opinion I think I know why.”

What’s the secret?

“Simply put, the magic of this place is that the College cares. Everyone here cares and you feel it. You see it play out in so many different ways. The trainers get in early and stay later to answer questions when they don’t really have to. It’s the opposite of clock in and clock out here…. You see Training Coordinators and trainers putting all this effort into organising work placements for the courses that require it. People aren’t aware that it’s not a simple process but they do it with a smile and get a great outcome.

You see the “care” in the way the trainers know all the stories and histories of the students and are interested in getting them to succeed throughout the course. You even see it in the way the college encourages morning and afternoon breaks to be in the tranquil bush garden seats at the Narrabeen training rooms. I just love making my way to the kitchen and looking out and seeing friendships form and grow. Everyone looks so happy and in turn that makes me happy.”

What changes have I seen?

“More and more people are coming here to upskill and change careers. Over 4,500 students came through those doors last year. There are so many accredited courses now versus 25 years ago when just lifestyle courses were running. Now you have business, leadership, community services, ageing support, childcare…and more. The lifestyle courses still exist of course! The Monday painting class is one example….a great social outlet and people really enjoy it.”

I believe in Traineeships

My traineeship gave me a job I love, so I can say I believe traineeships make a difference from personal experience. The College talks a lot about the benefits of traineeships but there’s nothing like hearing it from someone who’s done it. The College can help with all your forms and red tape if you line one up. They are available in so many industries, you’d be surprised.”

About me

“I love the beach lifestyle and when I was young my family used to own the land where Manly pool is now and ran a tennis business. We love the bike-riding and fishing and fresh air. My family has been here for generations.”

Proud to work here

“I’m pretty proud that I’m a long term employee working for a not for profit college with such a great reputation. I love going to the gym and people saying to me; ‘I did an Excel course there. I love that trainer. How great is she?’ Make sure you enrol for this term as spots fill quickly. You might even find a job you like as much as I love mine!”

The NSW government made all new entrant traineeships Fee Free from Jan 1st 2020.

Click here to see a list of courses and to find out about fee free traineeships.

Training may be subsidised by the NSW govt RTO ID 90113

For more information visit

Northern Beaches & Mosman College
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