Ever feel your downward-facing dog could use a little more, well, dog?

Well, you’ll be thrilled to find out more about Puppy Yoga, the brainchild of Lina, a yogi with a passion for both poses and playful pups.

“My initial inspiration stemmed from a desire to combine two things that bring immense joy and wellness to people’s lives: yoga and puppies,” Lina says.

“The therapeutic benefits of interacting with animals, particularly dogs, alongside the physical and mental benefits of yoga, sparked the idea to create a unique and uplifting experience that promotes overall wellbeing.”

Yogis get plenty of time to interact and cuddle the puppies. Image: Puppy Yoga

Lina’s classes are designed for yogis of all stripes, from seasoned pros to those just starting their sun salutations. The focus is on gentle stretches and poses that allow for maximum puppy interaction. Think ‘Warrior Two’ with a playful pup nipping at your heels, or ‘Child’s Pose’ with a happy bundle of fur nestled at your neck.

“A typical puppy yoga class begins with a brief introduction to familiarise participants with the guidelines and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for both humans and puppies,” says Lina.

Safety is a top priority at Puppy Yoga. The puppies undergo a full vet check-up before joining the class, and their trained staff are there to keep an eye on things.

Participants enjoying the therapeutic benefits of interacting with the puppies alongside the physical and mental benefits of yoga. Image: Puppy Yoga

“Throughout the class, our experienced instructors maintain a balance between facilitating the yoga practice for participants and attending to the needs of the puppies.”

The puppies are different breeds every class, and range from a few months to a year old. To prevent puppy pile-ups and ensure a calm environment, Puppy Yoga keeps the class location under wraps until closer to the event, has a strict registration policy, and limits class sizes.


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“The decision to withhold the class location until closer to the event is primarily to ensure the safety and privacy of both participants and puppies,” says Lina. “We believe it’s important to maintain a level of discretion to prevent overcrowding and maintain a calm atmosphere for the puppies.”

Cavoodle cuddle time. Image: Puppy Yoga.


Keen to head along? As you would expect, classes are very popular, often booking out weeks in advance. While the Puppy Yoga team anticipated the concept would be a winning combination, they have been blown away by the demand.

“The overwhelming positive response from the community has been truly gratifying,” says Lina. “The demand for our classes continues to grow, demonstrating the widespread enthusiasm for combining wellness practices with the joy of puppy companionship.”


And if during the class, you find yourself smitten with a particular pup, you may be able to give it a forever home.


“At Puppy Yoga, we’re passionate about connecting puppies with their forever homes, and it’s incredibly rewarding to see these bonds flourish,” says Lina. “Many participants have found their new furry family members through our classes, and this aspect truly drives the essence of puppy yoga for us.”

Lina and the team carefully choose ethical breeders who prioritise puppies’ health, happiness, and social skills. Before allowing a puppy into their classes, Puppy Yoga vets the breeders through on-site visits, assessing how the dogs are raised and cared for, and checks health certifications and pedigrees.

The upcoming Northern Beaches session will mark an awesome new chapter for Puppy Yoga, with their first official collaboration with a rescue organisation, Blacktown Animal Rehoming Centre (BARC).

“BARC shares our commitment to animal welfare, and we’re excited to work together to facilitate adoptions and support their noble mission,” says Lina. “Our partnership underscores our dedication to promoting responsible pet adoption and finding loving homes for puppies in need. We believe that by combining the joy of puppy yoga with the opportunity to adopt, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of both humans and animals.”

So, if you’re looking to de-stress, stretch your body, and make a new furry friend, check out Puppy Yoga. But be quick, classes get booked faster than you can say “namaste.”

Puppy Yoga

At Brookvale and various locations all over Sydney.

Instagram: @puppyyoga

Website: puppyyoga.com.au

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