The fabulously talented local mum and founder of Confetti Rebels is changing the world and empowering women one t-shirt at a time! 

Elanora Heights local Amy Clarke is a sparkling example of a local success story. Literally that is. If you check out her Instagram you’ll regularly see her sparkling.

Driven, vibrant and very passionate about sharing positive messages to empower other women, the talented graphic designer started out not that long ago with her own greeting card business. Only to have it fail dismally. A friend then encouraged her to print some of her most popular designs onto t-shirts instead, and the brand Confetti Rebels was born. Fast forward four years and her colour-filled Instagram boasts a loyal following of over 40,000, and her fabulous products are sold worldwide!

“Confetti Rebels is my LIFE,” says Amy of her super successful biz. “It’s my third child, my kids’ sibling and my husband’s nemesis. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. The satisfaction I get from ONE customer telling me my tees they just received in the mail made their day, makes MY day.”

Women (and “some men”) are not just followers of Confetti Rebels, they’re fans. Her story-feed is infectiously entertaining and sometimes features the antics of her two children, Leo,7, and Pippa, 4. It offers “real life” insights into the highs and lows of running a small business from home and juggling motherhood.

The weekly highlight is the now infamous “Shake your tits, it’s Friday!”. You can’t help but smile and feel good when you watch one of these clips. It’s a no-holds-barred dance segment given by Amy, and, in keeping with her fun and feminist vibe, encourages complete liberation – especially of the chest-shimmying kind.

It’s just as fun and empowering looking through Confetti Rebels’ products. There’s now a range of feel-good lifestyle merchandise such as colourful bags and accessories. However, it’s the fabulous t-shirts that have been printed with purposeful designs and powerful words that strongly resonate with the modern female journey. “Strong is the new pretty.” ‘’Unapologetically myself” “Bad vibes don’t go with this outfit”. You get the idea – they’re absolutely the ultimate in ‘feel good’ clothing.

Amy goes one step further with her brand in terms of good vibes though. She also selects a worthy charity with a related theme for each t-shirt and donates a percentage of her sales accordingly. During last year’s bushfire crisis Amy designed a mural depicting Australian flora and fauna to benefit the Rural Fire Services. Other organisations who have benefited from Confetti Rebels’ fabulous work include Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, SANDS (Pregnancy loss) Australia, Women and Girls Emergency Centre Sydney, Beyond Blue, Pink Hope and the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Sadly, Amy has a personal interest in supporting Cancer charities after losing both her parents to the disease. It made an indelible imprint on her life but also served to motivate her to help others heal and thrive.

“I’m very grateful that I can use my love of colour and skills as a Graphic Designer to reach out and resonate with other women who are dealing with these very real everyday issues such as Mental Health, Fertility and Cancer,” she says.

Amy also supports local wherever possible and her screen printing is done by engagement with another Northern Beaches small business. She’s also recently grown big enough to move into her own warehouse! 

“I started in my second bedroom, moved to the garage, moved to a studio then here, for two years at least!” she says of the new space. “I can’t wait to hold workshops, zoom around packing orders in my new skates and hopefully bring on more staff! I managed to christen it already with a dance!”

Having discovered this local gem of a business, we can’t wait to order a feel-good shirt – and from now on Friday can’t come fast enough!

You can view Confetti Rebels’ products and follow Amy below.  



Instagram: @confetti_rebels 

Confetti Rebels is also holding a Market Day on May 8 (Just in time for Mothers’ Day) from 8:30-13:30am at unit 33, Narabang Way, Belrose. See the event details here:




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