Christmas might be done and dusted but the holiday season is far from over. The Lunar New Year is just around the corner and Harbord Diggers has one incredible long weekend of celebrations planned!

So what’s the Lunar New Year all about?

Lunar New Year
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The Lunar New Year, which falls on February 12 this year and is typically celebrated in China and other Asian countries, is all about luck, health and reuniting with family. In terms of the Chinese zodiac animal, it’s also called the Year of the Ox which symbolises strength and determination. Some common traditions you’ll notice across the globe include the iconic dragon dance and the distribution of red envelopes filled with money, traditionally gifted from an elder or parent to children. The custom arose out of a tradition of using coins as a gift to ward off any evil spirits lingering around.

Normally, Lunar New Year celebrations last 16 whole days, from New Year’s Eve up to the Lantern Festival.

Lunar New Year at Harbord Diggers

Lunar New Year
Harbord Diggers

You can celebrate the Year of the Ox at Harbord Diggers when its three-day festivities kick off on Friday, February 12. With its stunning beach-side location, and beautiful renovated spaces, it’s the perfect spot to celebrate with a bang.

Harbord Diggers will be treating both guests and members to Asian festive traditions and entertainment. This includes stilt walkers, mahjong tournaments, Asian night markets with delicious food, raffles, music, traditional lion dances and God of Wealth ceremonies. There will also be lucky red envelopes distributed throughout the club!

Lunar New Year
Image: Harbord Diggers

Here’s a look at the schedule so you can mark your calendar:

Friday 12 February
4pm – 9pm | Asian Food Markets in the Ocean Terrace
6pm | Mahjong Tournament with a $1,888 prize pool
6pm | Asian Grace Slits Duo Roving Performer
6pm–9pm | Live Entertainment
7pm | Goddess of Fortune
9pm | DJ

Saturday 13 February
2pm | Live Entertainment
4pm – 9pm | Asian Night Markets in the Ocean Terrace
5.30pm | Lion Dance and Firecrackers
6pm | Mahjong Tournament with a $1,888 prize pool
7pm | Goddess of Fortune
8.30pm | DJ

Sunday 14 February
10am | Mahjong Tournament with a $1,888 prize pool
12pm | Live Entertainment

You can find out more here:

And Don’t Miss the Rio Carnival Either!!

Image: Harbord Diggers

There’s just enough to time to recover from the Lunar New Year Festivities, before all the fun and colour of the Rio Carnival comes to town!! We’ve all heard of the festive Brazilian Rio Carnival which has oftentimes been dubbed ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ and focuses on food, frivolity and lots of fun.

To experience the thrill, glamour, sound and excitement right here in Sydney, Harbord Diggers will be hosting festivities on Saturday, March 13 with roving Samba dancers, Capoeira performers, DJ’s, and food and drink specials. We suggest locking in the date to avoid missing out!

Contact details
Address: 88 Evans St, Freshwater NSW 2096
Phone: 02 9938 1444

Instagram: @harborddiggers

Do you want to keep your spirits high for the rest of summer? How about heading to one of these local venues to soak up the sunny vibes? Otherwise, keep checking back in with us – we’ll keep sharing more great local events throughout the year.

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