It’s no real surprise that Hollywood celebrities are flocking to the beautiful Beaches to film their latest movies. Narrabeen recently hosted Ryan Gosling for his new blockbuster, and Terrey Hills is the setting for Sean Penn and an all-star cast to film C*A*U*G*H*T. 

Two-time Academy Award winner Sean Penn is in Sydney for the filming of a new Stan Original production called C*A*U*G*H*T. The film is written, directed and produced by Australian actor and filmmaker Kick Gurry (Edge of Tomorrow). He stars in the six-episode series alongside Penn, who has the leading role and is one of the executive producers.

Sean Penn (Image credit: strangedejim)

Also joining the cast of C*A*U*G*H*T is Matthew Fox (Lost, Last Light), and an extensive Australian cast including Bella Heathcote (Pieces of Her), Erik Thomson (Black Snow), Ben O’Toole (Detroit), Lincoln Younes (Last King of the Cross), Fayssal Bazzi (Stateless) and veteran Bryan Brown (Palm Beach).

The satirical comedy series follows four Australian soldiers sent on a secret mission to a war-torn country. After being mistaken for Americans and captured by freedom fighters, they make a hostage video that goes viral. The soldiers soon reach celebrity status and realise that being captured might be the best thing that could’ve happened to them.

Production began in Sydney’s Fox Studios in late September with the all-star team recently moving to Terrey Hills to film. Residents on Booralie Road were notified of filming on their street from mid-October and claim loud machine gun noises from filming could be heard from Cooyong Road. One community member joked that Terrey Hills was perfect for a battlefield setting due to all the potholes!

Following a deal with Fremantle, the series will exclusively launch on Stan in Australia and on the new streaming service ITVX in the UK in 2023.

Meanwhile, Ryan Gosling has also been spotted filming scenes for his new movie The Fall Guy on Ocean St in Narrabeen. The production caused quite a stir on the small local street.

Ryan Gosling (Image credit: starbright31)

“Lol I was cursing all the trucks and roundabouts that were blocked at the time all is forgiven if it was for Ryan Gosling” wrote one community member on the Narrabeen Reunions Facebook page.

“So that’s what all the fuss was about on Ocean st on Friday arvo. Talk about a circus.” wrote another.

The Fall Guy is about “a battered and past-his-prime stuntman who finds himself working on a movie set with the star for whom he doubled long ago and who replaced him. The star then goes missing.” It also stars Emily Blunt and is based on the TV series of the same name from the 80s. It’s set to be released in March, 2024.

Q Station at Manly makes the perfect movie setting. (Image credit:

There have been many other films and TV shows that have made use of the Northern Beaches’ beautiful backdrops. As reported by The Manly Daily, Baz Luhrmann’s 2013 classic movie The Great Gatsby saw Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio filming at Manly’s ICMS building. BMX Bandits starring Nicole Kidman had notable scenes filmed at Warringah Mall and the old Manly Waterworks. Hacksaw Ridge – the Mel Gibson directed war drama starring Vince Vaughn and Andrew Garfield – used North Head’s Quarantine Station (pictured above) as its backdrop, and the Hollywood blockbuster Superman Returns with Kevin Spacey was shot on the sand dunes at North Narrabeen.

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Main image credit: Ryan Gosling by Mario A. P.

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