Salad Servers has not only revolutionised the salad industry, they’re now offering super healthy and very affordable family meals delivered to your door. Introducing Salad Servers Direct…

If you’re over cooking during lockdown (or just want to stay safe at home), and you’re looking for fresh, healthy and convenient dining options, it’s time to check out local biz Salad Servers. They’ve taken their experience at perfecting pre-packaged salads and applied it to an extensive menu covering everything from soup to main meals and sides with delivery to your door – and it’s called Salad Servers Direct.

It’s really not surprising though that this family-run business continues to expand, after all they’re responsible for revolutionising the humble salad in Australia.

Back When Potato Slaw Was the Cool Salad

As the pioneers of pre-packaged salads, the Chatswood business may already sound familiar. They actually started out as a charcoal chicken shop – The Game Gourmet in Mosman, owned and run by the Swift family in 1979. They were one of the first stores to offer several salad choices alongside their chicken. With their interesting and tasty ingredients a far cry from the usual lettuce, cucumber and tomato, or ‘potato slaw’, it was the shop’s salads that soon started gaining a cult following.

“Some of The Game Gourmet’s key customers also had retail outlets of their own and loved our salads in the shop so much, they asked us to produce salads for them in bulk,” goes the family’s story. “We realised creating and producing salads for our customers is what we love and do best and we’ve never looked back.”

Making Friends With Salad

With a greater emphasis on healthy eating becoming more and more important to Australians, Salad Servers pivoted at just the right time. They’ve now spent the last 40 years perfecting their salad offerings and suppling pre-packaged amazing salads to businesses of all shapes and sizes across Australia. You will no doubt have come across their salads in Woolworths and IGA.

“We also supply everyone form catering businesses, restaurants, gourmet delis and cafes through to airlines and the major supermarkets,” says Alex Swift from Salad Servers. “Our facility in Chatswood is a 6000sqm purpose-built food manufacturing facility that’s family owned and operated.”

Fans may be surprised to learn that Salad Servers has also been making menu items other than salads for some time too. “We’ve been making bulk sized meals in a food service format for gourmet delis and restaurants for 30 years,” says Alex.

Moving With the Times to Home Delivery

When restrictions hit for the first time in 2020, Salad Servers was in the perfect position to help families at home as well, and they cleverly pivoted yet again. Salad Servers Direct is the result.

“We started our direct-to-home model in June of 2020,” says Alex. “Overwhelming it has very quickly grown into an important part of our business. Due to our long-term operation and supply chains, we are able to supply high quality and true value which has been well received.”

With a strong emphasis on value for money, the extensive menu consists of Curries, such as the Mango Chicken Curry and Massaman Beef Curry; Ready-Cooked Meals that just require reheating such as Lasagne, Hearty Beef Casserole and Chilli Con Carne; Laksas and Stir-Fry Meal Kits; beautiful café and “power” lunch bowls; pastas; risottos; soups and sides. There are also super handy kids’ meals such as Hidden Vegie Mac and Cheese and Hidden Veggie Pasta Sauce.

“With Salad Servers Direct, we feed your whole family for less, with delicious and nutritious meals that are made for 4–6 people. Because our meals come in larger sizes, we can keep your cost per serve lower. That means you can have dinner on the table in minutes, without compromising on taste, quality or value!”

So what’s tempting people’s tastebuds most during lockdown at the moment? “Some of our most popular items currently are Lasagne and Butter Chicken. And our most popular salad is our famous Lentil Tabbouleh,” reveals Alex.

When it comes time to order, don’t forget to try one of their famous salads. A meal in themselves, the gourmet offerings include: Turmeric Cous Cous with Cauliflower and Cranberry, Thai Beef Noodle, Japanese Slaw with Sesame Mayo, Chermoula Cous Cous with Beetroot, Feta and Rocket and Chicken Mustard Pasta Salad, to mention but a few. Of course, if you like to go retro there’s still Garden Salad, Coleslaw and good old Aussie Potato Salad on the menu as well, all delivered in refrigerated trucks and vans from Salad Servers Direct – with free delivery!

Salad Servers is offering a special discount for Northern Beaches Living members: enter code TLC20 at checkout for 20% off!

Salad Servers Direct
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