Liberté Skate are the legends who bring Skate Under the Stars events to Avalon and Curl Curl so you can get your groove on with the latest retro craze to return – roller skating!

If you’re looking for something fun, and just a little bit different to do with your Saturday night, it might be time to head to one of Liberté Skate’s Skate Under the Stars roller skating events. Described as “”glittering outdoor roller disco’s”, they’re really taking off!

“Skate Under the Stars is different to anything else out there,” says Director of Liberté Skate, Manea. “It’s outdoors, there’s 70’s disco music playing, people are dressed up in their groovy retro outfits, there are professional skaters dancing on skates and wobbly beginners having a laugh. Everyone is having a good time and it’s a real community vibe.”

There are other great reasons to take up the skill as well. Manea started roller skating again in 2021 after the passing of her sister Aishia, who loved roller skating as one of her outlets.

“It was really healing during my grieving process,” she says. “Then my daughter and I skated together to escape the lockdown blues.”

They found so much joy in skating that soon Manea began Liberté Skate. Initially, it was just a weekly skate meet-up open to all but from here the idea for the roller disco business was born. The name of the business was chosen for very special reasons.

“Liberté means freedom and was also my sister’s Roller Derby name,” says Manea. And now Liberté Skate is a huge success!

“It all started as a bit of fun one night with some friends… That’s when the idea came to me – bright colourful lights and disco music!” Manea recalls. “The public response has been incredible! I did not intend for the roller discos to be as big as they are, but I’m thrilled with its success and how it has brought joy to so many.”

There are currently two Skate Under the Stars events running on the Beaches each month. Avalon is held on the 1st Saturday of the month and Curl Curl is on the 3rd Saturday. Local food trucks are usually in residence as well and skaters don’t need any experience and can hire  skates and all protective equipment on-site. There are also some pop-up events happening soon too (keep an eye on their socials).

If you haven’t yet been to a Skate Under the Stars roller disco event yet and are wondering what to expect, Manea says there’s one main element: “fun, and lots of it!” 

To find out more, skate on over to Liberté Skate’s Facebook page, or website

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