“This family-friendly evening is a fun way to get out in the dark, learn about the night sky and expand your awareness of our night sky heritage.

The planets are in the night sky – Mars, Jupiter, and everyone’s favourite Saturn. Look through the telescopes of the Northern Suburbs astronomical society, learn how to use your telescope, and listen to three locally-based legendary astronomers, Dr David Malin, Astronomer at Large Fred Watson, and Dr Angel Lopez-Sanchez. Bring your own telescope and learn how to use it too!

HELP SAVE THE STARS! The event is co-hosted by the Australasian Dark Sky Alliance, a not-for-profit charity, set up to educate and raise awareness of light pollution. $2 from every ticket sold goes towards supporting this charity.”

Cost: $15 per child $27.50 per adult
Date: July 10
Time: 5.30pm-10pm
Location: JJ Melbourne Reserve, 1A Kamber Rd, Terrey Hills
More information: click here