Just in time for end-of-year parties, summer cooking and Christmas feasts – Shire Gluten Free has opened just over the Spit Bridge and is serving up all the essentials, including some of the yummiest GF-treats around…

Whether you’re gluten free or doing the shopping and cooking for someone who is, you’ll be thrilled to hear that you can now do all your gluten-free shopping in the one place!

Shire Gluten Free has already gained cult status as THE place to shop for some of the most delicious baked goods and grocery items at its Cronulla store, which opened in March of this year. After overwhelming success, owner Cori Deguara decided to open a second shopfront on the North Shore. The Mosman store has now been open for three weeks and local gluten-free foodies are rejoicing!

According to Cori, the inspiration for Shire Gluten Free came from his own observations of how isolating a gluten-free diet can be.

“I knew many people who were either gluten intolerant or coeliac and I began to see through their eyes how tough it was finding quality food that the entire family could sit down to together and enjoy. Instead, those that were gluten intolerant felt isolated and had subpar meals and staples sourced from supermarkets,” he says.

“I found it so disheartening knowing parents with children that had struggles with being able to ‘fit in’ due to their condition and I wanted to change this to see smiles on both the parents and children’s faces.”

From here he began on a mission, travelling around Australia over the course of four years, sourcing the best artisanal producers of gluten-free products.

His motto was simple, quality over price; and he now has 45 individual suppliers on his books, most of whom do not deal with larger retail chains.

Since its inception, Shire Gluten Free has gained a reputation not only as a place that sells amazing food, but also as a hub for the gluten-free community.

“I wanted a place where those that are GF could feel 100% safe and never had to read labels again. I ensure that the products in my stores are the best of the best so that people can trust that what they purchase is the absolute best of what is available,” says Cori.

The store stocks a broad range of products, from pantry staples, through to sweets, crumbed meats, sauces, baked goods, and frozen meals. Cori tells us that Shire Gluten Free also specialises in refined sugar free, dairy free, vegan, and vegetarian options (that are also gluten-free of course!).

When asked what their biggest sellers are, Cori says it is a long list, “Fresh baked breads, pies, Gozleme, meat lasagne, individual carrot cake, burnt Basque cheesecake, Belgian waffles, vegan lasagne, New York choc chip cookies sprinkled with sea salt…”

There’s also plenty of hot lunch items available, from fresh ham and turkey baguettes, to beautifully filled croissants, pizza, Gozleme, lasagne, pies and sausage rolls on a daily basis. With such a delicious and varied list of products, it’s little wonder that Shire Gluten Free has become so popular.

If you’re in a hurry, Cori also tells us that, as with the Cronulla store, there will be a Click and Collect option for purchasing goods and they will also be introducing Uber Eats in the near future.

Of course, the opening is perfect timing for the holiday season as well. Shire Gluten Free once again has everything you can think of. “We will be stocking mince pies, rum balls, Christmas pudding, choc plum pudding, gingerbread and more,” says Cori.

Keep an eye on the website, as there will also be a beautifully curated list of GF recipes very soon. It’s certainly the season for rejoicing if you’re Gluten Free!

Shire Gluten Free
Where: 87 Avenue Road, Mosman
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 9am – 6pm


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