Glass Art & Pottery Sales Gallery

A group of Australian artists are forgoing expensive gallery commissions and selling their works online for Mother’s Day.

As with many innovative businesses, the Glass Art & Pottery Sales Gallery was born from a perceived lack in the market. Fused glass artist Kerrie Stewart (find her on Facebook under the name Moon Mania Designs) has always been a bit frustrated at the lack of places for artists to sell their work that don’t involve hefty commissions.

Above: Kerrie and one of her works

Knowing some very talented glass artists and potters, a few months ago Kerrie set up the Facebook group Glass Art & Pottery Sales Gallery. Here, customers can browse through listings of beautiful unique art works for sale. Kerrie says:

“Factory mass produced glass pieces and pottery can be bought cheaply at homewares stores but what we offer is something unique, higher quality and more sustainable that will go on to become treasured life time pieces or family heirlooms rather than be discarded due to outdated fashions or breakages.”

glass art and pottery sales gallery

Pottery pieces are designed and hand built or wheel made individually. And with glass art, each piece of glass is hand cut from high quality glass, assembled and fused. Then we enlist our kiln skills to make sure each piece comes out perfectly, and is a truly one-off unique piece of art.

How the Online Sale Works

  1. Head to the Facebook group Glass Art & Pottery Sales Gallery.
  2. Customers who find something they love mark SOLD in the comments section & or send a private message to the artist to exchange details about postage & payment or ask questions about the piece. We are experts at packaging & getting your purchase to your door safely. Insurance can also be purchased from the artist.

In the Mothers Day Market Event (which is open now) there will be lots of wonderful pieces, both decorative and useable for sale any Mum or Gran will love and cherish. Some artists are offering free gift wrapping or special gifts with purchase over the event. We hope the readers will consider buying from local Australian artists and supporting Australian small business by doing their Mothers Day shopping or general gift buying by visiting our Facebook group.

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