Renowned photographer Sébastien Bachellereau of SB Drone Sessions has come up with the ultimate experience for surfers with his You Surf – I Shoot Session. The results are totally unique images that capture the beauty of the ocean with the individual spirit of each surfer.

You know that Sydney must be one of the most beautiful parts of the world when a photographer from the picturesque countryside in France visits for a working holiday and stays for 10 years because he’s fallen in love with the area. For Sébastien Bachellereau, who now runs SB Drone Sessions, it’s our beaches in particular that have his heart and are the subject of his amazing new concept, the You Surf – I Shoot Session.

“Growing up in in the countryside in the Loire Valley, the ocean has always been an escape and provided a sense of real freedom for me,” says Sébastien. “I love the vibrant Australian beach culture, particularly in Sydney, and how there are so many beaches all with a unique feeling about them.”

It was only natural that Sébastien’s love for our beaches became an extremely popular new business. Using drone photography, he takes awe-inspiring images of people surfing at their favourite beach. The results are definitely worth hanging on the wall at home, and make for a wonderful and unique gift.

Rider by Sébastien Bachellereau

It’s a labour of love for Sébastien, who originally began his professional career in hospitality as Front of House for luxury five star hotels, like the famous Le Bristol in Paris and Ashford Castle in Ireland.

“After moving to Sydney, I worked for the Four Seasons Hotel,” he says. “I then moved into the Event & Exhibition Industry and now work for Australia’s leading event and exhibition hire specialists. Droning was quite simply a ‘past time’ until a few years ago when I really wanted to share my artistic work with others and work in this creative space.”

Drone photography is a new and exciting medium for many photographers and photography fans who are being introduced to different perspectives and angles never seen before, even though the subject itself might be well known. Our beautiful beaches are a drone favourite for good reason.

“Seeing the ocean and natural rock forms so closely and from interesting angles through the eyes of my drone is liberating and makes me feel at one with nature,” says Sébastien. “Capturing surfers and natural landscapes in a unique and artistic way is what inspires and drives me – I strive for each photo to have an individual energy which draws you in, and for this reason I name each photo with a description linked to emotion and storytelling.”

Sébastien’s personal favourite image ‘Ocean Lover’ won the VIPA Award in the Seascape/Waterscape Category for 2021. “It captures an ethereal setting of a surfer moving/gliding through water from light to darkness.”

Sébastien’s You Surf – I Shoot Session is also a fresh and exciting concept for surfers, who can finally have close-ups of themselves in action and wider perspectives capturing them framed in the beauty of their favourite break.

Whilst the drone allows for some dream photography, there are still some challenges to overcome and it’s not a medium for amateurs. “The settings on the drone for shutter speed and aperture have to be 100% right, otherwise your film and photos will be blurry,” says Sébastien. “Also, it’s vital that you know how to work with the surrounding light as the drone is moving, as the light from the sun effects what you capture at different angles.”

It’s a unique and fun experience shooting with Sébastien. You simply book a session via the website for a You Surf – I Shoot Session. You’ll then be contacted to organise a date, time and preferred beach location in Sydney. Sébastien meets you at the location for a one hour photography session where you enjoy a surf and he gets to work with the drone.

“One of my main goals is to capture the individual and make them clearly recognisable in their photos and film and not looking like any surfer at that location on that particular day,” says Sébastien.

After the day of the You Surf – I Shoot Session, turn-around time is usually about 2 -3 days. Included with the 1 hour photography session is a short artistic video (with audio) of the surf session, a link to the best photos professionally edited, and 20% off any prints. Turn around time for online store orders is approximately 2 weeks (including postage time).

“You Surf – I Shoot Session has also become very popular amongst influencers and athletes seeking professional content for their socials and website. Professional photos and film really take their image to another level and this is so important when trying to get noticed in a competitive industry,” says Sébastien.

With Christmas coming up a You Surf – I Shoot Session Gift Voucher also makes the ultimate gift for a surf loving friend or family member as it’s a very thoughtful and unique one, to be remembered for years to come.

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